Sketches Ep11 + Cymbeline Halloween

Did you think Halloween was over? Well, it ain’t. I still got a little something of it for today’s post. I had to get back at drawing Cymbeline and the other characters, so I drew this Cymbeline with a hint of Halloween just to do at least one spooky Cymbeline. The other sketches are quite … Sigue leyendo Sketches Ep11 + Cymbeline Halloween


Buildings 2 + Sketch Studies

Hiii, sorry for the inactivity last week, I hadn’t finished one of the drawings and also had a problem with my internet connection for quite a few hours. Nonetheless, everything’s ready for today. I still haven’t finished the last animal illustration – I’m having trouble with many things and can’t seem to finish it – … Sigue leyendo Buildings 2 + Sketch Studies

Sketches Ep5 + Anatomy Helloo, today’s post just a bunch of sketches of my characters and some practice I did. Here we go. Enjoy! ♥ Yup, that is all. I won’t bother you with text today just sketches and the video linked down below.  Have fluffy day like Cymbeline’s dress!♥

Sketches Ep4

Hiii, remember when I said how important is to practice your characters? Well, today’s post has some sketches – quite refined, to be honest -  of 3 of my characters: Cymbeline, Vince and Valentine. I really enjoy working on the characters of my future comic – which I already planned the whole story and I’m … Sigue leyendo Sketches Ep4