Illustration + Suits

Hello! Just posting this illustration really quick over here. I would like to stay a bit more and talk a little but... HOMEWORK, you know? So, I just wanted to say that I missed doing these characters, I've had some doubts about what to do with them, and I still have them... But anyways, I … Sigue leyendo Illustration + Suits


Illustration + “Look” Part 2 (Yay!)

Helloo, I’m finally posting this, yeeeeeeeeeey. I just finished this today, edited the video and uploaded it. I am so happy to have this done, after so long. Do you even remember when was the last time I did a full illustration? In March. Oh, ma googoo, too much time. Now, I will be designing … Sigue leyendo Illustration + “Look” Part 2 (Yay!)