Allura “Butterfly” + Illustration

Hello cool people, guess who’s the cool n’ punk boy that’s here today? ALLURAAA. Yeaaaaah. For this punk boy we have a female Goliath Birdwing butterfly. That’s right, what could go better with a dark punk boy than a dark beautiful butterfly? Many things, BUT, for this specific character, I believe butterflies are the way … Sigue leyendo Allura “Butterfly” + Illustration


Deva “Tiger” + Illustration

Hello beautiful people, for this week we have the also beautiful Deva in the company of a tiger. Rawr! I love drawing him even though he can be very challenging, mostly his clothes because I always want him to look on point and stylish. (I'm always saying that, ain't I?) I choose a tiger for … Sigue leyendo Deva “Tiger” + Illustration

Sketches Ep4

Hiii, remember when I said how important is to practice your characters? Well, today’s post has some sketches – quite refined, to be honest -  of 3 of my characters: Cymbeline, Vince and Valentine. I really enjoy working on the characters of my future comic – which I already planned the whole story and I’m … Sigue leyendo Sketches Ep4