Cymbeline “Eagle” + Drawing Animals mini tip

Hello, how are you! Today, I have the result a gothic/punk feeling I had, a dark Cymbeline with a fierce eagle as her animal companion (or something like that). You know when you are a teen and you enter this gothic/dark “phase”, everyone tells you it’s a phase and that you will go back to … Sigue leyendo Cymbeline “Eagle” + Drawing Animals mini tip


Cymbeline&Deva + Bust portrait tip

Hello, everybody, I have two portraits for today and that is as weird as a frog farting ‘cause I almost always draw full body illustrations and sketches. This didn’t used to be like this, but when I got bored of the plain and boring poses I could do with half (or less) body drawings I … Sigue leyendo Cymbeline&Deva + Bust portrait tip

Sketches Ep4

Hiii, remember when I said how important is to practice your characters? Well, today’s post has some sketches – quite refined, to be honest -  of 3 of my characters: Cymbeline, Vince and Valentine. I really enjoy working on the characters of my future comic – which I already planned the whole story and I’m … Sigue leyendo Sketches Ep4