Graze + Mini Valentine’s day comic!

Hello mellow today we have some Valentine’s day stuff. I’m not going to entertain you much with my blabbing so let’s get this over real quick. I did this mini comic for Valentine’s day and I’m really glad I did. I think it’s cute and I hope you will enjoy it. I’m already hyped for … Sigue leyendo Graze + Mini Valentine’s day comic!


Valentine “Crocodile” + Illustration

Hello! The long awaited is finally here. Yep, the last animal illustration is done! I present you, Valentine and his associated animal, Crocodile. I redrew Valentine three times and the crocodile countless times and I ended up doing a wonderful illustration. I have surpassed myself with this, I would say. A lot of hard work … Sigue leyendo Valentine “Crocodile” + Illustration