Sketches Ep11 + Cymbeline Halloween

Did you think Halloween was over? Well, it ain’t. I still got a little something of it for today’s post. I had to get back at drawing Cymbeline and the other characters, so I drew this Cymbeline with a hint of Halloween just to do at least one spooky Cymbeline. The other sketches are quite … Sigue leyendo Sketches Ep11 + Cymbeline Halloween


Maestro del Dolore + On Sale!

Hello Halloween, the comic is out. I succeeded in this crazy challenge of mine. So, what was the deal? A 23 pages comic featuring Cadenza, a conductor and composer obsessed with the idea of creating the music that best depicts human pain. Will he succeed? What could the consequences be if he does?  Find out … Sigue leyendo Maestro del Dolore + On Sale!