Illustration + Deva “Jacket”

Hello, today, the star of the show is Deva! Opposite of Cymbeline, he is the (handsome) antagonist of my future comic. I retook the idea of the Cymbeline Jacket illustration so people could relate them in some way. Like, both character come from the same place, the comic. Also, they are equivalent in importance, both are … Sigue leyendo Illustration + Deva “Jacket”


Illustration + Cymbeline “Dress”

Saturday - Hello, today, as promised, I have another illustration with Cymbeline. Wearing a dress! She is not the type to wear many dresses, so this is a bit out of her character. Still, it looks good on her and I am proud of the design I did. I also did the design for the … Sigue leyendo Illustration + Cymbeline “Dress”