#drawthisinyourstyle + Illustration

Hello, today I bring you my take on the #drawthisinyourstyle challenge/thingy that’s going all over Instagram. I did @m.ieoi’s yukata boy and I’m very happy with it. I might do another one of these but first I need to make time for that as well as getting rid of my “not working today either” attitude. … Sigue leyendo #drawthisinyourstyle + Illustration


Illustration + Deva Embroidery

I’m already working on the pages of my comic and it’s a pain because I must take it very slowly or else the drawing will be way too shitty. Hello, this week I challenged myself to try and finish a full body illustration in a day and I almost did it, I recorded 6h of … Sigue leyendo Illustration + Deva Embroidery