Illustration + Deva “Jacket”

Hello, today, the star of the show is Deva! Opposite of Cymbeline, he is the (handsome) antagonist of my future comic. I retook the idea of the Cymbeline Jacket illustration so people could relate them in some way. Like, both character come from the same place, the comic. Also, they are equivalent in importance, both are … Sigue leyendo Illustration + Deva “Jacket”


Sketches Ep3 + Character design – Allura

Hii, it is official, I am just posting sketching videos and posts. So, for today’s post we have a new character design and, well, sketches. The new character is named Allura and he’s my “punk boy” – two girls on Instagram that looked pretty punk and goth to me liked the photo so it’s punk … Sigue leyendo Sketches Ep3 + Character design – Allura

Illustration Tale – “Babysitter John” + New color palette

Hello and welcome! Dude, do I have something that I wasn’t expecting I would do anytime soon for today’s post? Hell, yes. I finally surrendered to myself and completely jumped into the lifeful, playful and bright world of color. What I mean is: pastel colors, bright colors, warm colors that are not red but PINK … Sigue leyendo Illustration Tale – “Babysitter John” + New color palette