Pink Guy + Sketch

Hello and welcome back. I think I just wrote one of the shortest titles in my blog. Anyways, today I want to show you this pink guy I did, it is pink, but it can appear in any other color. Let us get into detail about this guy. There is this artist, Araki Hirohiko, that … Sigue leyendo Pink Guy + Sketch


Illustration Tale – “Babysitter John” + New color palette

Hello and welcome! Dude, do I have something that I wasn’t expecting I would do anytime soon for today’s post? Hell, yes. I finally surrendered to myself and completely jumped into the lifeful, playful and bright world of color. What I mean is: pastel colors, bright colors, warm colors that are not red but PINK … Sigue leyendo Illustration Tale – “Babysitter John” + New color palette