Sketches Ep11 + Cymbeline Halloween

Did you think Halloween was over? Well, it ain’t. I still got a little something of it for today’s post. I had to get back at drawing Cymbeline and the other characters, so I drew this Cymbeline with a hint of Halloween just to do at least one spooky Cymbeline. The other sketches are quite … Sigue leyendo Sketches Ep11 + Cymbeline Halloween


Vince “Flamingo” + Illustration

Hello mellow, this week does have a post! I finally managed to finish the second illustration of the now official animal series. All characters will have their own illustration and animal. This time, I did Vince. I had never done a full-on illustration of Vince until now. The animal I choose for her is the … Sigue leyendo Vince “Flamingo” + Illustration