Illustration + Deva Embroidery

I’m already working on the pages of my comic and it’s a pain because I must take it very slowly or else the drawing will be way too shitty. Hello, this week I challenged myself to try and finish a full body illustration in a day and I almost did it, I recorded 6h of the process in one day and almost finished it. After that I only spent one more hour on it. I’m a bit sad since I couldn’t finish it in one day but it’s fine, I almost did it and that does count a lot to me. Anyways, this is the illustration.

Deva Embroidery NET

Damn, I think I falling even harder for Deva. Well, actually, I’m head over heels with all my characters. But honestly, he is just ♥o♥

I recently changed Deva’s age and he is now older so I naturally, it wasn’t even a conscious decision, I drew Deva more mature and it looks quite good, it was a bit too soft before. Also, I think that now he is even more handsome than before and that’s the point with him. Must be extra handsome, it’s a crucial part of its design. It almost sounds like I’m kidding, but no, I am 100% serious.

I tried doing an interesting color combo, I don’t feel like I accomplished that, though. Also tried doing some embroidery, ‘cause it’s just so sexy on him, but I feel like I did something weird and the design it kinda funny? Oh well, I do love Deva and this illustration. I’m happy with it and I really improved Deva’s design so that’s great.

♥Thank you for coming over and please enjoy the video down below. I do not know yet what I will have for next week, either way, have a super handsome day! ♥



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