Sketches Ep6+ Oh Boys

Helloo, today, as promised on instagram and tapas, I drew ma boys! The three of them, had some difficulties with Allura but I did not give up and succeeded. For a while now, I have this thing for colored sketch/drawings of my characters, it does help me draw more things and get accustomed faster to my characters. I also improve more this way. I don’t want to stop doing good quality illustrations and will certainly do some for the comic (like an illustration for the beginning of the chapter and things like that) anyways, I have three sketches and two fails (you can see them in the video), here we go. Enjoy!

Valentine Orange NET

Valentine Deval ~ Kind of look like a militar, huh. So edgy!~

Deva - Come to me NET

“Come, I will bless you with Love of all kinds” ~ Deva Durand


Yep, this was the third try when drawing Allura. I feel like he’s secretly mocking me for failing twice.

♥ Thank you for coming over today. Hope you enjoyed seeing ma boys, I luv them all a ton. The girls coming up next week or maybe some building designs. See you again next time and have a “Oh boys~” day! ♥

You can see the fails in the video (in the URL of the video you can Sex u, youtube knows the boys are here):



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