Illustration + Cymbeline “Jacket”

Hii, Finally! An illustration! And more will be coming next week. So, as the title implies and as I have just said, today’s post is for a Cymbeline illustration. Being the protagonist, I need to practice her a lot, so the design is consistent, and I think it is time to do clean works with … Sigue leyendo Illustration + Cymbeline “Jacket”


Sketches Ep3 + Character design – Allura

Hii, it is official, I am just posting sketching videos and posts. So, for today’s post we have a new character design and, well, sketches. The new character is named Allura and he’s my “punk boy” – two girls on Instagram that looked pretty punk and goth to me liked the photo so it’s punk … Sigue leyendo Sketches Ep3 + Character design – Allura