Halloween Series + “The Zombie” Illustration

Hello and welcome back. Today’s spooky illustration is an updated version of the unforgettable Frankenstein! Let us make this clear, I have never been a fan of zombies, but, I do like human zombies, you know, those zombies that think and aren’t after your brain or whatever the hell. So that is how my handsome – yes, I do think Arius is handsome, at least in its own way – zombie is. An intelligent business man zombie.

But first things first, let us get on with the story:

Halloween 2017 – The Zombie

Do you remember the old Frankenstein? You could say I am the updated version of him. But, you know, going through the streets scaring the shit out of people is not very profitable, so I went for selling. My name is Arius Mort – yes, I am French – and I am the owner and creator of a special kind of supermarkets that sell for two different publics at separate times. The idea is very simple, you see, during the day I sell for living people. Humans in general. And when night falls, I sell for dead people. Zombies, in general. I also distinguish between day products and night products, as humans and zombies have very different necessities.

Of course, there is also must be two different shifts. The day shift and the night shift. The first one is made of humans and the second one of zombies. It is a sad reality, but even nowadays, zombies are not very welcomed in society, so I had to make separate them clearly.

The most important part of the job happens in between shifts. Once night falls, the employees must take every day product and replace them for night products. All in about two hours, and vice versa when morning arrives. What is more, they even need to change the advertisements and the name of the market itself. Humarket at the day, Zommarket at night. Original, simple, and clear, don’t you think?

My employees work very hard, I know, but my market sells so marvelously that each of them can receive a nice amount of money. I will not lie, I am still the one that earns the most. After all, taking care of a supermarket is not a matter of laugh and organizing all the products and shifts is a pain – yes, we zombies can feel pain, too –.

Terribly enough, accidents still happen. Once, a human client flew out of the market screaming after finding a pair of canned eyes where there were supposed to be the canned peaches. Another time, a zombie client made a ruckus because there were NEEVEA creams instead of the NoRot creams. At those moments, my poor brain cannot help but feel a bit rottener than usual, though, it is worth a laugh or two seeing the client’s reactions.

When I decided I was going to do an illustration inspired in Frankenstein I immediately knew I was going to do a business man. Why? Because of the clothing Frankenstein is wearing in the 1931 movie. Kind of obvious, now that I have written it. Anyways, I love my zombie – sadly, he does not love me back, he is way too fond of money – and I think I did an excellent job with his personality, especially in the story. The way he talks is so like him.

And then, there is the market, I came up with the idea of a double supermarket when thinking about what could be strange about Arius’s business; because, honestly, there is nothing new in a zombie selling products to, well, zombies. Also, I could not miss the opportunity to show how much of a money seeker he is. I must say, though, this idea came quite naturally; when thinking about what I could do for the background I was having trouble with my first idea, which was that he had a black-market for zombies. The problem was that I did not know how to represent a black-market since it is something done unofficially (and illegally) and does not have any characteristic place or way to be done so I changed it to a (legal) market, and then it was just *boom* so obvious to me that I had to do a double market.

That is all for this illustration, hope you are enjoying the series. See you next time with the third story, which will be featuring a female character.

♥ Thanks for reading today’s post, do not forget to check the time lapse video and see you next week with more. Have a good weekend and enjoy all the Inktober and Halloween stuffs. ♥



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