Illustration + Comic updates

Hello and welcome back. Since I have noticed that shorter posts are more popular than longer posts, especially if they are casual, today’s post will be extra casual and not too long.

In my last post, I showed you a painting sketch of one my characters and that is exactly what I bring you today, the final illustration. Ok, I do think the contrast is a bit low but when I put it in greyscale it is not that soft so, it is fine. Also, I tend to go overboard (way too much) with contrast and I wanted to try to do something very soft looking, so the contrast had to go down. And so, I am very happy with the result, so much that I even open it a few times each day just to remind me of how cute she is.

On another note, I have two updates about the comic. The first one being that I have finally begun drawing the final pages even thought I still have to finish the planning of the first chapter. It is not that I am being impatient but that it takes a lot of time to do the planning so I better start drawing the pages that are already planned so I can pick up the pace for when I start uploading the comic which, by the way, will be on Tapastic.

The second update is about the title, after thinking about it for about three weeks, I finally half decided to call the comic Journey to Kamigami Island, half decided because I think I could also simply call it Kamigami Island or even, Journey to Kamigami. In Japanese, Kamigami means “Gods”, in plural. So, the title could also be Journey to the Gods’ Island. Actually, I wanted it to be Kami Shima, Shima meaning “island”, but then Kami would mean “God”, in singular. And that cannot be that way, it must be gods in plural. Another thing, when I say Gods, I am referring to any kind of deity, spirit, demon, or magic creature. You know what? Maybe, I still haven’t decided the title.

And that is all for today, I will keep on updating about the comic and the characters. Don’t forget to check the time lapse video. Thanks for reading and see you next week. ♥




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