Comic planning + Sketches

Hello and welcome back. Today’s post is one day later than usual and is a short one because I do not have much to show since I have been working on the comic all week.

I am currently planning the first chapter and it is taking me a lot of time because I am still learning how to do that. The idea behind planning a comic is to see how each chapter will look with all the pages together before doing the actual pages. I do not think everybody does this but it is a time saver since you can easily see if the organization of the panels is right or not, how smoothly the story goes and it also gives you a clear image of how it will look once done. Also, the point is doing each page in a small size, something around 7×10 cm or less, and sketching (poorly) what happens in each panel.

Comic page planning

Planning of pages 13 and 14 with dialogues on the side

As you can see in the image above, I did a bad sketch of what will be in that page. Since I also wanted to write the dialogues as I sketched the pages, I left space to write, you have to it this way if you also want to have the dialogues in the planning of the comic because there is no space to write in the bubbles inside the pages.

And that is what I have done so far, half of the chapter. Although, I think I will have to redesign some of the pages if they have so much information that is gets hard to read comfortably. So, I may have around 18 pages instead of 13. You see how practical this planning is? When I do the actual pages, I will just have to correct what is wrong.

For the sketches I have done, I mostly have two of them. A failed intent of doing one of the characters of the comic and a quick sketch and painting of another of the characters.

Conrad-At sketch

These are Conrad and At

Thanks for reading me today, sorry for being such a mess, I am working hard on the comic. See you next week and have a cool day.



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