Comic Book + Miranda’s story goes on

Hello and welcome back. As you know, the Mimi’s Dream story is finished but that does not mean the story of Miranda is over. I have a lot more to do about it than with the first story, so let us start with the details.

I gave myself enough time to think whether I should or should not do a comic with Miranda, the answer was yes. Then I had to give myself more time to think whether I wanted to do a comic that included Mimi’s Dream story or not, I choose to start the comic from the point I left it. This second decision meant that I had to think of a full story, again, for Miranda. Again, I needed some time to do so and finally got it. Saying things like this makes it seems like a lot of time has passed, when, I spent less than 4 days figuring how the new story would be.

I do not know how much time you are supposed to need to think about a coherent story but, since I already had the hero (Miranda) and the scenario (the sea) it was just a matter of what kind of story I wanted and what purpose it would have. So, around 3 days was enough for me. That being done, though, I had to prepare everything.

I had to research about ships, clothing and – this one is the most important for me – the seafarers’ professions and ranks. Because, of course, I needed a crew for her, so I had to design something good and simple but still coherent. Researching all this is a pain, interesting when you find valuable info, but a pain. And this is what I have been doing since Tuesday. Character design.

The first sketches are terrible and that is ok because I will work on them so they will look right. Also, none of them is the definitive version, changes may and might happen; but at least I got the general idea and personality they will have. Since most of them are so awful I will just show you the less terrible ones. Also, I am trying to make the clothing similar so it is obvious they are from the same ship. In some cases, I even pair two of them in a funny way, like the two girls that have one light colored boot and one dark colored boot. Others remain unique and not so like the others, this will most likely happen with the chief mate and Miranda.

Ratings design preview 1

Deck ratings. Between 15-17 years old.

For the ship design, I still have a long way to go but I think I am grasping what I would like to create for this crew. I will also have to work on the designs of other ships as well as other seafarers. So much work to do when creating a coherent world, huh.

One last thing, I still do not have the title. I am lost. I do not want a long title nor a title that is hard to relate to the story because it seems like is a title that is there simply because it sounds cool, you know? It needs meaning and sense. I will come up with something good, sooner or later.

Ratings design preview 2

Engine ratings (there will be a motor in the ship). Also between 15-17 years old.

Thanks for reading me today, sorry there is no final painting nor time lapse video but I will try to have something for next week. Or I might try to do a post that I promised I would do. See you next week and have a fresh day.

Oh right, before I forget, I am not going to give any details about how the story will look like until I have made the first chapter. Ok, bye.

If you do not know who Miranda is or what I am talking about check Mimi’s Dream story first.



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