Illustration Tale + “Mimi’s Dream” Part III

Hello and welcome to the next illustration tale! Today’s post is, again, divided in two. The first part will have the illustration and the tale, while the second part will be about the illustration itself. I will always present the tales and the illustrations this way since it makes things more organized and neat. This time we have the last part of Mimi’s Dream today’s, Part III. Hope you are excited to end this series and on with the tale. Enjoy!

Tale – Mimi’s Dream Part III – Take the helm and go.

My time has almost run out. I know that this illness that has invaded me will very soon take my life. I feel sick, tired and, you will never guess what, lifeless; but none of these matters. Right now, I am writing my testament, in which I leave everything I have under my wife’s name. I know it is the right thing to do because if there is something I have learned in my few decades of life, it is that there is nothing more gratifying than helping the ones you love accomplish their dreams. My wife has dreamed for many years to live like the men of the sea, sailing in the vast ocean, and has worked as hard as she could to prepare herself for that tough lifestyle.

Me, too. Since I know her, I have done everything I could to help her in her studies. However, I always had this feeling that I was not doing what she really needed. Therefore, I, William Barlow, have decided that I will give my help to her one more time, one last time, and offer her an opportunity, only one, to finally fulfill her wish. I hereby will all my wealth and properties to her, to Miranda Barlow.

There goes my signature. Now, I can go to sleep and peacefully die, without regrets. I do not know for sure if Miranda will be wise and make the right choices, since there is nothing more I can do. After all, it is her dream, not mine. And because of that, I must not grant her wishes but give her the opportunity to do so, if she really wishes to.

After saying that, I realize that I must be losing my sanity if I am able to suggest that Miranda is not wise enough. There is something you can never dare to forget about that woman: she is intelligent to no end. You can fool her as much as you can a dog’s nose. Such an amazing woman I married, right?

I can already imagine the sight of her, in front of the helm, with the wind blowing and a bright blue sky, going through the water with her ship. She will most likely wear some loose clothes yet slightly feminine, her hair will not be tied up so she can feel the wind caressing and embracing her, and her eyes, her eyes will be sparkling and fixed on the horizon, never intending to look back. I wish I could be with her to see all the things I could never, and will never, see of her. But things cannot be that way, I have known for a very long time that I am the one that tied her to the life in land. Helping her this last time might be my way of apologizing to her for that. Enough, this is not the time nor place for laments. Run free, Mimi, and never stop believing in you.

With all my love, Will.

It feels good to finish this, but now, I need something else to work on. Let us talk about that later. First, how did it go with this illustration? Well, the sketch took me a lot of time and had many changes but it ended up looking well put together. The painting process was cool, a bit tedious for the helm but good. For the background, I reused the one from part I, changing the shape and inverting it horizontally to match a bit more.

Second, can we talk about her age? I have not told her age in any of the parts. She is 17 when the story starts, 21 in part II and, finally, 25. So 8 years passed until she could achieve her goals.

Third, how did you do the helm? I use a photo reference, drew one circle, and then copy and pasted it to get all the “wheels” I needed and wanted. I also added or changed some details to make it a bit more unique. Since the lines were messy and I added texture, the wood looks a little worn out which is cool, right? As for the other parts of the ship you can see, I did not have much interest in that, it was just to have a better-looking composition. But, as I said in my last post, I will talk more about the details you should put in a background and how to do them in future posts.

Finally, would you make a comic? I gave myself until I finished Mimi’s Dream story to think about it and I concluded that yes, I want to do a full comic on her. The issue was that I did not know if I should start from the beginning or from the point I left the story. This is crucial because the second option would mean a change in tittle as well as a change is the whole story. It would not be about her achieving her dream but her having new expectations and travelling around the globe. A more pirate-like story, if you want. Although, no, she is not really a pirate nor a privateersman. So, I think I will try it.

And that is it, hope you enjoyed seeing the evolution of Miranda, from the little dreamy Mimi to the grown Miranda. Thank you for reading this story till the end and see you next week with something new. Have a good day.

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