Illustration Tale + “Mimi’s Dream” Part I

Hello and welcome to another illustration tale! Today’s post is, again, divided in two. The first part will have the illustration and the little tale, while the second part will be about the illustration itself. I will always present the tales and the illustrations this way since it makes things more organized and neat. One last thing before we jump into the tale, this story is made of three parts, with a total of three illustrations; this one is the first part and the first illustration. Enjoy!

Tale – Mimi’s Dream Part I – Standing up to the view

It is a wonderful day at the sea, the ship is steadily being moved by the wind. The blue of the sky is as bright as the one from the sea. The sun is kindly warming up while the wind carries fresh air. Mimi is, once again, standing at the bowsprit. The little girl loves to climb up there and enjoy the immense view. Truth is, the scenery does look incredible. Regardless, I do not understand how she does it, while I get seasick whenever the ship moves a bit too much, she just stands up there without sweating a single drop. She does not seem to be scared of slipping and falling into the water. In fact, the crew has even told me that Mimi thinks that even if she were to fall it would not be that much of a problem. “It is just getting wet” she likes to tell them.

Honestly, I might envy her a little bit. So carefree yet so much confidence in her abilities to stand there without hesitation. She is like a bird. Enjoying the freedom of not fearing to fall and loving the feeling of being surrounded by wind. It makes me sad to think that this little bird will soon lose her wings. Once we arrive to France, she is to get married to a young English bourgeois named William Barlow. The little Mimi will then grow up to become Miranda Barlow.

Now, onto the illustration. I do not know why, but most of my tales so far have come from random sketches I did and this one was no exception. I have been practicing drawing a lot with references so I tried doing some little thing on my own and I did a young girl torso and head. And because I had heard this artist (Jake Parker) saying that we should repeat constantly “finished not perfect” I pushed myself to do the full body since I had enough space and it turned out very good! It also got quite some likes on Instagram so, I could not stop myself anymore from doing a full illustration and writing her story. The story of Mimi’s Dream!

First, the not so easy part. Putting the character in a scenario. I will tell it now and remembered it forever: never do a character without thinking of the scenario it will be in. I had to try many things before finding something that would work with the character and even then, I had some issues. Since I wanted her to be almost flying somewhere I had to create a very big background that could show well enough where is she and what is she doing. Because of that, I encountered a second problem, Mimi was too small and did not got that much attention. So, I cropped here and there, readjusted the composition, and finally got everything put together. But what is more, is that I also had to change her arms so it all would make sense. Really, never doing that again unless I am forced to.

The rest was, in fact, very smooth. The whole illustration only took me around 5 hours, although I did not record everything, only about 3 hours and a half. That is why you do not see me fixing the arms and figuring out the whole scenario. The coloring of Mimi is very simple and I really do not think it needs more than that. As for the background, I do not know why, but it was very easy and relaxing to do. I should have made the wood more wood like but, in general, I am satisfied. The background has more details because of the importance it has. I also tried my best to make a soft contrast instead of my super high contrasted illustrations. Gotta change sometimes!

Overall, that is it. I enjoy doing this illustration a lot, also did it in a record time. I love the story I created for her and I really hope you will accompany her till the end. And don’t you worry, part II will be on next week post for sure and part III in the next one. I will not put any other posts in between so everything is more put together and easy to follow. Once all parts are published here and on my other social media, I will also put the links to each part on each post. I think I may also do a special category just for this story.

Thank you for reading me today, don’t forget to check out the time lapse video, I put a calm and soft music so it’s even more enjoyable to watch the video. See you next week and have a very great weekend! ♥

Other parts of Mimi’s story:

Illustration Tale + “Mimi’s Dream” Part II

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