Illustration Tale – “Forest Walker”

Hello and welcome back! Today’s post is divided in two. The first part will have the illustration and the little tale, while the second part will be about the illustration itself.

Tale – Forest Walker

There is always someone that looks after a forest. This someone can be a spirit, a deity, the animals or even the forest itself but, sometimes, it can also be a human being. Only once has this happened, he used to walk through the forest and keep an eye on everything that occurred, as it was his only and absolute duty.

From time to time, he would sit down in some place to rest from his walking and would hear the nature. There, he counted how many animals and plants were alive, how many were being born, how many had died and how many had completely withered and mixed themselves with the soils. When he slept, he kept track of the energy moving in the forest, the atoms that conforms everything. He ate what the plants gave him and wore what the animals offered him.

The forest knew him as his guardian, his eternal walker. Nobody knows what his name was nor does it matter as he was known as the Forest Walker.

Now, let us talk about the illustration itself. I came up with it out of pure chance, I was doodling at night and had open one of those random character generator that said to do someone with something like clothes with black wings and orange reflects. I tried it and after adding some color I came up with this guy.

So, time to move all the sketch layers to bigger format and start working on it. This time, the coloring was very easy and enjoyable to do; I had thought that the clothing would take me a long time but it did not. In fact, the whole coloring process took me 5 hours and 20 minutes, which, considering that it was a full body + background illustration, is not that much at all. If I added the sketching, it still would be less than 6 hours.

As you can see, I did not really add magical orange reflects but instead played with the lights and made a warm/cool contrast with the colors by doing the lights in yellow instead of white or blue. Really happy with the result, I feel that the coloring is richer and more unique than many of the illustrations I have done.

Finally, the background. I first sketched the general idea for the background and then searched for photos to put on top, move, modify, and touch the color here and there until I got the composition I wanted. Finally, I worked over all of that to achieve a style similar to the one of the character and to unify the whole illustration. Using photos as a base for natural landscapes backgrounds is surely helpful but I would not do it if the whole image was just that. I am also planning on not needing to do this trick anymore so that I can fully create a space from zero.

Okay, that is it for today. It turned out to be quite a simple post. Check out the time lapse video linked below the image and see you next week with a new post about practice. Have an enjoyable day! ♥




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