Characters Illustration – “BubbleGum Couple”

Hello and welcome! Today’s post is half casual half useful. So, if you want to know a little bit more about developing your own art style and how to use colors, keep reading. The illustration I show here and mostly random stuff I painted this week.

Among the different things I painted there is this bubblegum couple that I did to challenge myself. I don’t know if you have ever thought about what could happen if you develop an art style that allows you to draw women a certain way – normally, a very interesting and unique kind of style – but doesn’t really work as well when drawing men because they may look too much like girls or it simply doesn’t work. Or vice versa, very good for men, not so much for women as they look like boys or, again, it simply does not look all right. Therefore, I think it is crucial, when developing an art style, to have in mind the possibility to draw any kind of characters with that same style. Especially, if you intend on doing comics. You can’t really expect to only draw young and beautiful females on a comic, nor draw only muscular and strong men; the comic would lack something.

Bubble Gum Couple NET

So, I am the type of person that thinks this is extremely important and so, each time I want to play and draw characters in a strange looking/ unrealistic style I do a female and a male. Sometimes it does not work, others, it does. This time it did and I came up with this bubblegum couple. True, the boy was harder to do but I still managed to do a certain style that is clearly present in both. And I am pretty sure I could also do some kids and some grandpas.


Painting pratice because I still find it hard to make things look blended without blending.

Honestly, I do not know when I will be able to truly develop my own art style. I always feel like I am half way, some things are defined while others are constantly changing. Enough with this, let us move on to the color palette. I choose pastel colors as the basic idea and from there moved on to pinks and blues, so purple is included as well. I think there is some lack of white, the background may have been better with white. To help the colors pop out more I used the complementary of purple, yellow. Why did I use yellow and not orange, complementary of blue, or green, complementary of pink/red? Because, as I said before, purple is between pink and blue, so the complementary of purple can work ok with pink and blue and wonderfully with purple.

See green

It’s been a veeery long time since I painted a good quality eye. So much that I didn’t even knew how I wanted them to be. And more painting practice.

As you can see, I did not use too much yellow because it still isn’t the complementary of neither pink nor blue so I hided it a bit with the pink and made less of a contrast. I think the amount is just right, enough to make the illustration warmer a brighter. Using white instead of yellow would have also worked but I wouldn’t have had any complementary at all and this painting needed some kind of kick out.

And that is it. Don’t forget to check the time lapse video of the bubblegum couple and see you next week since I will have a more interesting post that will come with a little tale! Have an enjoyable day! ♥

ps. yeah, I kinda painted the guy’s lips like he’s wearing lipstick. Gonna do more of that.



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