Illustration Tale – “Babysitter John” + New color palette

Hello and welcome! Dude, do I have something that I wasn’t expecting I would do anytime soon for today’s post? Hell, yes. I finally surrendered to myself and completely jumped into the lifeful, playful and bright world of color. What I mean is: pastel colors, bright colors, warm colors that are not red but PINK and YELLOW. Ohhh gurl, I do not like working with the brightest colors of the palette, especially pinks and yellows, unless necessary.

What the hell am I talking about. I’m talking about a change in my illustrations! First, we had the “new technique” thing and now we have the “new color palette” thing. Seems like Illustration – with capital letter because it deserves it and it’s My Illustration World we are talking about here (MIW) – is having some renovations for this summer.

But, let’s jump into the Babysitter John illustration I have for today as well as a little extra to understand the shock that all of this is, for me. Starting with the extra – why not 😛 – I was trying to get myself to do some cute and very colorful stuff, so that’s what I jumped into. I did a cute boy, no harsh features nor serious expression, with some bruises to make him look a bit clumsy, added a cap for that teenage feeling and then played with the colors of the background. Look! They are bright pink – also known as fuchsia or magenta – and bright yellow/orange! Ok. Now that I was drawing and painting freely, without thinking “oh, that’s way too colorful and dumb for me to do it”; I moved on and draw a simple full body figure, then draw over it some clothes, face and hair, and for some reason I turned one arm and thought “he could have something on his hand, like a baby carriage” and that was it.

Cap Boy by Chloé Beny

Messy painting, yay!

I really liked it, which is amazing because I do not like babies nor baby related things apart from pastel colors lol, and thought it was cute that a guy, wearing only black was a babysitter. And this is how I came up with Babysitter John. As for the coloring, it was easy to a point. It had to be colorful everywhere except for John, this way I would create an interesting contrast that made clearer the fun fact that he is an unusual babysitter, right? I don’t really know any babysitter nor have I been one ever but it’s not common to think of a babysitter as a guy instead of a girl. I even had to check if the word for “babysitter” in Spanish, which is very commonly used in the feminine way, had the masculine version of it. Actually, I was scared that it had not. It has both, of course, “niñera” and “niñero”.

Anyway, painting this was a pain. Not blending is so hard and painting objects, like a baby carriage, using just one layer was hell. But it is also cool using only one layer so I will keep on doing so. By the way, I tried to do the carriage so that you did not thought if the baby that is inside is a girl or a boy. I think I messed up when I added the flower pattern, but I really wanted to add some patterns because I never do and I think it looks cool. Either way, the baby being a girl or a boy is up to you, but do not assume it is a girl because of the floral pattern. Plus, I used lilac and yellow, which are neither “girls’ colors” nor “boys’ colors”.

Babysitter John by Chloé Beny

♥ This is John. He is a senior at university and to pay for some of his expenses he does babysitting. Even though he may not seem like it, he’s a very decent babysitter! And he really enjoys it, too. He is very fond of children and wish to have, someday, his own kids. ♥

Time Lapse Painting – “Babysitter John”

From now on I will be using more tender colors and cheerful illustrations. No more black linework and highly contrasted and dark colors, too depressing and harsh. I wasn’t feeling myself with that stuff, not enough. Hope you like this kind of stuff more.

Xank you for reading me today. Don’t forget to check the link for my YouTube time lapse video, it’s a bit long and doesn’t have the sketching process but it’s still worth it. See you next time and have a nice weekend! ♥



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