Illustration Tale – “Forest Walker”

Hello and welcome back! Today’s post is divided in two. The first part will have the illustration and the little tale, while the second part will be about the illustration itself. Tale - Forest Walker There is always someone that looks after a forest. This someone can be a spirit, a deity, the animals or … Sigue leyendo Illustration Tale – “Forest Walker”


Characters Illustration – “BubbleGum Couple”

Hello and welcome! Today’s post is half casual half useful. So, if you want to know a little bit more about developing your own art style and how to use colors, keep reading. The illustration I show here and mostly random stuff I painted this week. Among the different things I painted there is this … Sigue leyendo Characters Illustration – “BubbleGum Couple”

Illustration Tale – “Babysitter John” + New color palette

Hello and welcome! Dude, do I have something that I wasn’t expecting I would do anytime soon for today’s post? Hell, yes. I finally surrendered to myself and completely jumped into the lifeful, playful and bright world of color. What I mean is: pastel colors, bright colors, warm colors that are not red but PINK … Sigue leyendo Illustration Tale – “Babysitter John” + New color palette