Franuary Challenge – Animals in watercolors 17-32

Hello everybody and welcome to the second part of the Franuary challenge. If you missed the first post (Franuary Challenge – Animals in watercolors 1-16) check it out! Now, now, the challenge is OVER, finally. 32 animals in 32 days, am I crazy or what. Since there were 3 specimens of each animal, that leaves … Sigue leyendo Franuary Challenge – Animals in watercolors 17-32


Valentine’s Day – “Loooove” Illustration + Future posts

Hello! Last Tuesday was Valentine’s Day and I took the opportunity to post on Instagram (@chloe_beny) a little drawing of my unnamed character that I showed you in one of my post. If you need a quick reminder of who he is check it here --> My illustrated book + Main Character Now, for this small … Sigue leyendo Valentine’s Day – “Loooove” Illustration + Future posts