Week 3 of InkTober

Hello, welcome back or welcome if you are new. Today I bring you the InkTober drawing for the third week which I really like how it turned out.

But first “Story time”, I generally find it hard to draw profiles and, the other day, doing some random sketches (here is the post where you can see that sketch –> Practicing the right way) I gave it a try and got something good, finally. What I like the most is that it actually looks like a 35 years old man. And let me tell you, I don’t have any issue drawing people of different ages, specially men. Which reminds me that I have only done one old woman so far.

Back to the drawing, this one was actually easy to do, I searched some photo references to draw the glasses and the scarf, also some for the ear, just to be sure it was right (even though I totally messed up at the end). I decided to color it with simple and plane colors with very little shading. Actually, I think it looks kind of vintage.


As for the matirials I used: Pilot G-TEC-C4 pen in black (0.4 mm), some markers paper in a DIN A5 format and copic markers in E41, E34, E04, V95, E15, 100, G12, G14, w-5, Y38, G28 and Y28  (in the order: skin, hair, clothes and glasses).

I don’t have too much to say about this drawing, I like it, I love all ma men and this one looks quite different from the ones I usually do and I had a lot of troubles during the inking, it just would’nt stop to get dirty and I messed up a lot in the ear.

Either way, it’s ok. The problem now is that I haven’t decided what to do for week 4 yet, I may have something but I’m still not sure because the sketch need some work. Also, I’m planning on doing something special for Halloween but I’m still working on that. Hopefully I will make it in time.


Game time, since the image is so big try to find all of my mistakes! There at least 6. I will help you with the first one: the color went off the drawing in the neck and scarf.

That’s it for this post, I know it’s a bit short and messy but I’m not feeling that inspired and I also have been busy (and still am) with different things but I think next week will be better so stay tuned. Have a nice weekend. 🙂



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