I’m Listening Part 1 + Men’s Portraits

Welcome to this post, for today I bring you only half of a painting, the sketching and the inking. I will be doing two parts for this painting because it actually was a lot of work even though it was just a portrait.

First off, the main idea for the painting is to show that expression we expect from someone that is fully listening to what we are saying. An expression that can show how much attention the person is giving you and not having any doubt about it. I feel like some people really need that feeling to be able to talk more openly without feeling that they are saying dumb things because, hey, talking about what’s in the dephs of your mind is quite important and not dumb at all. So this, is the main reason for this portrait, he is listening to you, fully aware of you.

Now, about this work, is another one for the “Men’s Portraits” series I’m working on right now and it’s quite unique because normally, I don’t really use that much references (only for technical things such as muscles for men or clothing) but since I intend on getting really good at drawing men and I’m starting with only half of the body I find it really important to take a good look on references.

Following that, I do have to admit that my version is really similar to the original photo. The features are quite different and the style even more, but the idea is almost the same. Either way, thanks to that, I learned so much more than what I first expected so I can’t regret doing things like that at all. Also, I usually have some problems to draw men that actually look human so using the reference was the perfect push I needed to get it well, finally.

Then, about the inking, I tried to do the lines with more confidence, some more flow and also thinner than normally. Because I’m actually reducing the size of the pen tool more and more, I started with a size of 15 points and now I can go down to 10 points and be quite confy with it. The number one tip for improving your inking is patience, if you have to redo the same line for the chin 7 or 10 times just do it, at the end you will see it pays off a lot, just as everything else I guess. If I showed you how bad (more like disgusting) my linework was when I started using the tablet…

Another thing I tried to do this time is to draw the brows as what they actually are, hair. And it turned out so great I’m almost ashamed of myself to have taken so much time to do them that way. Also did it with the hair line, and the same as before, why did I not do it sooner? What were you thinking Chloé? Dumb me, but at least I’m sure to do it right from now on, for sure.

By the way, a little clarification: there should be a table there but decided to do it solely with the coloring, so it will give quite a natural look since it’s a wooden table.


And finally, thanks for reading me today, hope to see you again for the second part of this post where I will talk about the coloring, which was quite amazing and strange for me. See you here again next time and have good Tuesday. 🙂

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