“No Sorrows” Inking + InkTober

Hi, welcome to Wednesday's post. Today I have two things to talk about. One is about a pure black and white drawing and two is about the famous InkTober among artists. So, first, about the InkTober. It's an inking challenge during the month of October in which you draw a piece of art with ink … Sigue leyendo “No Sorrows” Inking + InkTober


“Peau Noire” Digital Painting + Skin Details Explanation

Hello everyone, in this post I will be explaining some of the things I did in one of my lastest digital painting called "Peau Noire" but hold on, if you haven't seen the timelapse I did of it go check it right here so you can follow the explanation below without getting lost. So first, giving some explanation … Sigue leyendo “Peau Noire” Digital Painting + Skin Details Explanation